Aleksandra Miloseska

Founder and CEO

I am a seasoned professional, academic, and entrepreneur, looking to expand my footprint in the healthy food industry through my passion endeavors. Born with a natural creative drive, I have taken my professional and entrepreneurial spirits in stride working to create own healthy food recipes and establish own food company Quick Fit Bites.

Drawing upon my childhood experiences of observing my mom and dad manage their own food business, I developed a deep understanding of knowing just what it takes to manage your own passion. 

Furthermore, I understood at a young age that experimentation, especially in the food industry, is just as important as making food itself. My father instilled in me the belief that you can accomplish anything, as long as you try it.

Since then, I has been experimenting with food recipes made from healthy, safe, and non-modified ingredients. Driving my decision to establish Quick Fit Bites is my desire to help make today’s foods clean and safe for consumption. Each of my recipes are prepared with sprinkle of love, clean, raw, non-GMO ingredients directly from nature ensuring that my clients that the food they put into their bodies is safe for consumption, always and without exception.

In addition to my professional and entrepreneurial endeavors, I am a proud mama of three girls and an academic. In my free time, I enjoy creating recipes with my girls, reading, gardening and running. Maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle is important to me, while also enjoying the simple things in life. However, throughout nearly everything I am involved, my drive and passion for creativity and to produce value in life, family’s lives, and the lives of others. Live your life to the fullest.